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Intellectual property

Listed among one of a company’s valuable assets is its intellectual property as copyrights, brands, logos, models, products, trademarks and patents, or services offered. In order to protect this Intellectual Property it is important to register them, use them strategically and act accordingly when violated. Also registration of rights and agreement of compliance with partners, license holders or staff belongs to the field of Intellectual Property.

Lawyers of Fruytier Lawyers in Business frequently advise in the Intellectual Property area and guarantee to be competent to secure your rights. They offer a wide range on advice on choosing and registering names, brands, domain names and will manufacture or adjust property agreements as licences or conduct transfer of contracts.

Not only does Fruytier Lawyers in Business advise but litigate as well to protect your rights or counter breaching allegations. Even though we confidently claim that most disputes can be solved through negotiation sometimes it will be necessary to enter a preliminary proceeding or start an appropriate court procedure.

So is there any disagremeent as to whom IP rights belong. Please give us a call at +31 20 5210130, so we can provide you with a quick scan.

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