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Complaints procedure

At Fruytier Lawyers in Business, we aim to develop strong and lasting relationship with our clients. We aim to give our clients a first class service but we recognise that occasionally there may be a cause for complaint.
If something has gone wrong please do tell us so that we can take the necessary steps to put it right. Please explain your concerns to either the lawyer in charge of the transaction or if you prefer, to our complaints officer.
Fruytier Lawyers in Business considers client satisfaction to be of the highest importance. We are continuously updating and improving our service level. If, despite all our efforts you are not satisfied with our work, whether it is miscommunication, the conduct of a lawyer or one of our support staff, please inform us about your experience as soon as possible. Together we will search for a convenient solution

By phone

Miscommunication is often best resolved during a good conversation. Whether this is in person or by phone. We kindly ask you to get in touch by phone first, either to speak about your concerns straigth away or to make an appointment to do so in person. Please ask for our complaints officer.
When you feel your complaint hasn’t been taken care of sufficiently or your complaint is not suitable to discuss in a person to person conversation you can file your complaint in writing. Please adres your correspondence to info@flib.nl

The procedure

We aim to acknowledge receipt of your complaint immediately and try to give you a full response within 10 working days. Some complaints take longer to look into and if we are unable to deal substantively within the 10 days period, we will explain to you why this is an what steps we are continuing to take. We will stay in contact with you whilst the matter is dealt with.

Other aspects

Due to the code of conduct of our profession we will document your complaint fully in your file. It goes without saying we will be very carefull with the information you provided and it will be handled with full confidentiality. However, in some cases, we are obliged to consult externally. When you file a formal complaint we will ask your permission to provide the relevant documents to experts. As is custom in our profession we will ask those experts to sign a confidentiality agreement.


If you have concerns or complaints about our services and you are letting us know about it, we appreciate it very much. With this you are giving us a second chance. You can be assured we evaluate regularly. Grounded complaints will help us learn and prevent recurrence.

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