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IT law

Information technology law has become a specialist area with many laws that specifically relate to IT or ICT. It is called by many different names. For example, ICT law, IT law, information technology law, technology law, tech law, computer law, electronic law (or elaw), social or new media law, digital media law, Internet law, cyber law and web law. It comprises elements of various branches of the law

As It lawyers we help with the legal aspects of ICT (specialised contracts).

Privacy Law

International Cybersecurity and Privacy Law in Practice balances privacy and cybersecurity legal knowledge with technical knowledge and business acumen is needed to provide adequate representation and consultation both within an organization, such as a government entity or business, and when advising organizations as external counsel. Although organizations collect information, including personal data, in increasing volume, they often struggle to identify privacy laws applicable to complex, multinational technology implementations. Jurisdictions worldwide now include specific cybersecurity obligations in privacy laws and have passed stand-alone cybersecurity laws.

Fruytier Lawyers in Business advises her (international) clients on implementing the “Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming (AVG), also known as the GDPR. As from may 25th 2018 all companies and institutions in the EU have to handle personal data in accordance to the requirements of the AVG/GDPR.

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