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Procedures and fees

Entrepreneurs want to make sure their company is profitable. Therefore they want their costs to be manageable and predictable. Same goes for the legal cost. Estimating advisory costs is relatively simple. Costs of legal procedures are harder to predict because we cannot be sure which actions the counterparty will undertake. We offer different fee arrangments. From the traditional hourly rates to retainers. Where possible we offer our clients a choice. Always upfront, so you know exactly what you are in for.

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Alternative fee arrangements

Everyone who has worked with an attorney knows that traditionally works on an hourly rate. We do work that way as well. Hover more and more we are getting request for alternative fee arrangements. We offer a wide scale of possibilties.


Competative rates

Our rates are competitive and range from 140 euro for a junior lawyer to 395 euro for an experienced specialist. These rates position us as an affordable alternative compared to the big offices.

It goes without saying that we deliver the same quality of work.
Fees will furthermore depend on complexity of procedure and level of experience of your lawyer. But whatever amount is charged, feedback from former clients always reported them as reasonable price for excellent services.

Complaints procedure

Of course we are doing our utmost to assist our clients to their full satisfaction. If – for whatever reason – you are not satisfied with our service please let us know as soon as possible. Our office uses the ‘internal complaints procedure’ format as suggested by the Dutch Bar Association (Orde van Advocaten). Please send your requist to info@flib.nl and we will send you the necessary documents. The complete complaints procedure you will find here.

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