Mergers and acquisitions

The lawyers at Fruytier Lawyers in Business have extensive experience and legal expertise in supervising mergers, divisions and business acquisitions. We take all our clients’ interests into account, because we have the necessary disciplines. We are often involved in – supervising – the sale of our clients’ businesses and, if necessary, we do so in consultation with other professionals. Examples include accountants, tax or corporate finance consultants, so that we do not lose sight of the financial and tax interests of our clients. Our specialists provide advice on setting up joint ventures, organizing management buy-outs/management buy-ins and they advise on what are often difficult acquisitions, like family businesses for example.

Assistance with a business acquisition

This may include assisting clients in conducting due diligence investigations during business acquisitions, maintaining contact with prospective buyers and sellers and drafting letters of intent (LOI). We also regularly act as consultants for share transactions, asset/liability transactions, SME takeovers and similar transactions. We believe it is important that mergers and acquisitions are not made more complicated than necessary and that efficiency is paramount. We take all our clients’ interests into account, because we have the necessary disciplines. What characterizes the lawyers at Fruytier Lawyers in Business are their creative and pragmatic attitude and their knowledge of entrepreneurs and their businesses.

Our lawyers assist with business acquisitions, mergers and sales

Our merger and acquisition specialists are Marcel Fruytier and Myrddin van Westendorp. If you would like additional information or tailor-made advice, please contact us. We are happy to make an appointment with you for an exploratory, no-obligation meeting.

Recent transactions 2019: M&A and Banking

ClientTransaction typeValue(in mil.)More information
Koper (Taiwan) Assets
Koper Weg- en waterbouw (NL) Assets0,5
Verkoper Installatietechniek (NL) Shares14 Discover more
Verkoper Exportonderneming (NL) Shares5
Koper Tankbouw (NL) Shares1,2
Koper Ingenieursbedrijf (NL) Shares
Koper IT bedrijf (USA) Shares Discover more
Verkoper Bio energie (DK) Shares Discover more
Verkoper Mediaconcern (NL) 
Verkoper Evenementenbranche (UK) Refinance12
Koper Bouwbedrijf (NL) Refinance
Verkoper Kansspelen (UK) Finance2

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