The majority of our clients perform business cross countries and are not limited by borders anymore. To be able to serve them globally Fruytier Lawyers in Business is a member of Lawyers Associated Worldwide (LAW), an organisation connecting independent lawyer’s offices established in more then 100 commercial global hubs. This platform provides our clients with the confidence that they will receive the highest quality advice in both their domestic markets as well as when they are expanding into new territories, motivated by the growing global mobility of business.

Members of LAW are prominent lawyer’s practices specialised in litigation and commercial law and work specifically with medium size private and public companies.


We provide a broad range of legal and commercial service in close collaboration with the members of LAW in the following areas: corporate law, financial transactions, real estate, commercial contracts and disputes, Intellectual Property, IT-law and commercial and corporate litigation.

More information about our services in the field of international contract law can be found on the website of LAW.

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