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The operations of most entrepreneurs for whom Fruytier Lawyers in Business works are not bound by national borders. To help them do business successfully outside their national borders, Fruytier Lawyers in Business is affiliated with Lawyers Associated Worldwide (LAW), an organisation of independent law firms located in more than 100 commercial centres around the world. Our lawyers are therefore also happy to assist you in international cases. LAW membership gives our firm the opportunity to serve clients who, for example, are in the process of expanding their activities and business relationships into new foreign markets, driven by the growing globalisation of business. LAW-affiliated firms are carefully selected and are the most prominent law firms in their respective jurisdictions. In both commercial consultancy and litigation practice, they are particularly aimed at medium-sized (public and private) companies.

Wide range of legal and commercial matters

Lawyers associated worldwideWorking closely with LAW members, we can assist you in a wide range of legal and commercial matters in the following areas: corporate transactions, financial transactions, property, commercial contracts and disputes, intellectual property law, IT law and commercial and corporate litigation practice. You can find more information about our services in the field of international contract law here. More information can be found on the website of LAW.

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