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Fruytier Lawyers in Business is a commercial law firm. We aim to assist our clients in achieving corporate success by delivering legal advice and support in all areas of law they most frequently encounter.

Our lawyers are committed to provide their clients with value for money, which means delivering excellent legal services at a fair price. Therefore, we offer a variety of fee arrangements to suit our clients’ needs.

In-house, we offer the areas of expertise that entrepreneurs encounter most frequently. However, we do provide more specialised areas of expertise as well. We formed a network of trusted partners that we can rely on to provide our clients with the best possible service.

All our lawyers are members of the Dutch BAR Association the Nederlandse Orde van Advocaten, located at Neuhuyskade 94, 2596 XM Den Haag.

What is our expertise?

We have extensive experience in the primary activity of almost every entrepreneur; commerce. Agreements, damages, choosing the right legal form: we know all about it. When it comes to chopping down, every entrepreneur encounters a dispute from time to time. Although we often first try to solve it without going to court. This is because it is faster and cheaper, we also know virtually all Dutch courthouses inside out.

We are happy to help you with an efficient legal procedure but prefer to advise you on avoiding problems. Even if things have gone completely wrong and bankruptcy is looming, we are there for the entrepreneur in distress. We help think about restructuring the company and ensure you can restart quickly. Because we have extensive experience in employment law, we also know the legal position of your staff.


Creative entrepreneurs often help protect their copyrights or intellectual property. These days, it is important that when it seems like everything was previously protected with copyrights is now freely available over the internet. Entrepreneurs face legal questions not only around their actual trade but also in the conduct of their business.
A conflict with the landlord, a discussion about real estate, or problems with the contractor of the new business premises are bad for your mood. But so are difficulties with the bank or another lender. Of course, you don’t want to deal with this, that is why we are specialised in these difficulties, especially for you.

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