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Administrative law

Administrative law governs the way in which public administration can intervene in public legal order. Entrepreneurs have frequent contact with the government, and disputes are not uncommon. Sometimes our expert attorneys are able to help solve a dispute without having to go to court, but sometimes legal proceedings are necessary.
The government is one of the parties in proceedings under administrative law. The rules the government has to abide by when taking decisions is laid down in administrative law. Think of subsidies or permits.

General Administrative Law Act

The most important rules of administrative law are laid down in the General Administrative Law Act. The General Administrative Law Act stipulates how the government has to prepare and announce decisions. It also determines the period in which the government has to take a decision.

Objection to a government decision

Procedural administrative law is part of administrative law and contains the procedures to object to a government decision.
Administrative law proceedings are similar to this. You can usually object to a decision of an administrative body. When you do not agree with the decision on your objection, you can file an application for judicial review. This is followed by the possibility of appeal.

The attorneys at Fruytier Lawyers in Business can explain to you in detail the kinds of decisions under the General Administrative Act and what the proceedings look like
Examples of decisions:
General application
This applies to cases that are not fully known beforehand. Think of a zoning plan for a tram line that will run through a residential district.
This is a decision that is not general. A decision pertains to 1 person or 1 certain group of people. Think of issuing a permit or claiming back overpaid benefits.

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