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Partners / Friends

Entrepreneurs need to think out of the box. You don’t need titles and labels but correct advice from a specialist in the field. We don’t pretend to have all necessary knowledge directly at hand but we do know that we are here to support. To enable us to attend to all your queries we collaborate with specialised partners. Our partners in business are competent specialists who are successful in other business areas such as accountants, business valuators, financial analysts or tax consultants.

Partners in business

Fruytier Lawyers in Business aims to be much more than just a lawyer’s office.
For us – being a true partner – means knowing your business. The challenges you face outside the legal field need to be taken into consideration when we are advising.
Our lawyers are entrepreneurs themselves. So we know you sometimes need more than one perspective to solve a problem. We selected our partners carefully and vouch for their excellence. So you can rest assured your business is taken care of with the utmost competence.

Working together

One by one the most competent actors in their expertise and that is why we chose to work together. Our joined projects are designed to contribute to construction of your consistent and successful business.

Collaboration will differ depending on each individual case but completely transparent for you. The deal: both parties guarantee to deliver top quality as being expected from us.

Other partners in business are listed here

Friends in business

Fruytier Lawyers in Business aims to be much more than a lawyer’s office. Outside the field of law we bring together a highly motivated team of people who all share the same goal: we strive to support entrepreneurs on their way to success. With this vision we gladly sponsor various musical and sportive events, cultural happenings and contribute to printed editions as the Grachtengids, a guide describing the marvel of the Amsterdamse grachten.

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