About Fruytier Lawyers in Business

Fruytier Lawyers in Business helps entrepreneurs to be successful. The lawyers at Fruytier are highly trained, talented lawyers. They understand that you are not such a fan of the complicated rules and the disguising language that characterizes the legal profession. Our lawyers always try to apply the law in such a way that it works to your advantage. From a solid legal background they dare to improvise and they have the courage to do it differently. When they see the solution of a legal problem, they create their own way. Experience shows that this road is always there, both inside and outside the courtroom. That entrepreneurial, creative attitude appreciates clients. The office mainly helps business clients, mostly from small and medium-sized businesses.

Why choose us?

Why do we do what we do?
Because we are here to support entrepreneurs on their way to success.
And we believe it can be done!
We are convinced that we see your opportunities, which makes us stand out above other practices.
We leave no stone unturned on your road to success.

Lawyers of Fruytier Lawyers in Business are:

  • Fast
  • Creative
  • Your money’s worth
  • Imaginative, independent thinkers
  • Resolute
  • Driven towards result
  • Keen and alert
  • Accessible



Since november 1st 2017 our office is located at Kingsfordweg 99 in Amsterdam. We occupy the 11th floor of this very comfortable designed building with a magnificent view of the Amsterdam Skyline. After more than 40 years of keeping office in a historic building along side the canal it was time to move to an easy accesible, modern office with plenty of parking space and a modern infrastructure. Haven’t been able to visit us lately? Please come in for a cup of coffee. If for no reason at all, but to admire the view. You are most welcome!


Boldness and creativity have long characterised the Fruytier name. Today’s Fruytier Lawyers in Business has been in existence since 2002. The name was established back in 1974. That was when the brother of the current namesake, Marcel Fruytier, started his practice. From 1994, the brothers worked together. At the end of 2006, that collaboration came to an end. From then on, together with colleagues from the very beginning, Marcel expanded the office. It now employs 10 lawyers and 3 paralegals.

Traditionally, the firm serves entrepreneurs in the SME sector. That is no coincidence. We understand entrepreneurs, enjoy listening to their challenges and can act quickly and advise them.

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