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In healthcare, healthcare institutions or healthcare providers are continuously confronted with changes in legislation and policy rules. In addition to having a passion for patients and guests, being able to provide good care requires solid legal support in a broad sense.

A healthcare entrepreneur not only has to deal with regular legislation in the field of corporate law, labour law and collective agreement provisions, privacy law and tax laws and regulations, he also has to deal with governments, the Healthcare Inspectorate and insurers.

New legislation

Healthcare entrepreneurs are also continuously confronted with new legislation and regulations specifically aimed at the healthcare industry, such as compliance with the Dutch Healthcare Quality, Complaints and Disputes Act and supervision thereof by the Healthcare Inspectorate. In addition, changes in the property market must be taken into account, for example, when renting from a housing association. Since the introduction of the Dutch Housing Act and appropriate allocation, the financing and housing of patients has involved a lot of work. Problems related to rent protection and care agreements are also commonplace.

Patients and representatives

Furthermore, the interests and rights of patients and their representatives must also be respected. Insolvency practitioners, legal representatives and family members also play an important role in the implementation of care. The correct actions must be taken in the event of complaints or problems. Going to court is subject to strict conditions, as is a complaints procedure.

The team of Fruytier Lawyers in Business

The lawyers of Fruytier Lawyers in Business represent several clients in the healthcare sector, both companies and private individuals. We have ample experience in various legal areas in healthcare and can call on an extensive network of specialists who are ready to assist in specific cases. In short, we take responsibility for your legal needs in healthcare and are committed to your case.

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