Insolvency and restructuring

Although there are entrepreneurs who claim that having gone bankrupt once can provide you with a wealth of experience we believe that it possibly leads to devastating professional and personal harm. We prefer to guide you towards success and realisation.

But in the unlikely event of business going wrong, we advise on (legal) consequences of bankruptcy or moratorium.

We also advise multiple debtors, directors, shareholders or other actors involved in bankruptcies how to interact with curators. And several formal legal solutions can be provided to secure position of all parties involved.

In case of insolvent clients we work closely together to work towards possible alternatives as
(re)financing or extra judicial debt collection, keeping focus on recognition of responsibility and where applicable reduction of liability. Filing for bankruptcy might be an ultimate incasso procedure.

Fruytier Lawyers in Business is consulted regularly by entrepreneurs planning a restart or interested in acquisition of assets from bankrupt entities. Professional advice on bidding procedure and closing of contract can be crucial factors when dealing with curators.

And Fruytier Lawyers in Business profits directly from the substantial experience our lawyers gathered when performing curator’s tasks during insolvency matters.

Insolvency and restructuring specialists

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