Jop Fellinger (partner)

Mr. Jop Fellinger , before he became Partner with Fruytier Lawyers in Business, has practiced law with various law firms, domestic and abroad since 1993. He also has worked as corporate lawyer and supervisor on the financial markets with De Nederlandsche Bank N.V., the Dutch supervisory authority and central bank. During his work for De Nederlandsche Bank N.V., he has among others implemented as lead counsel  the Dutch privacy and data protection legislation. Jop pairs legal know how with strategic advice in a pro active manner. He has also worked for some multinational enterprises as legal counsel in their respective Dutch branches.

During his carreer Jops focus has been with corporate law in the broadest sense, not in the least because he himself is an entrepreneur since 2008. He practices contract law more specifically in the ICT industry. Further his services are retained as external legal compliance officer with an emphasis on privacy and data protection law.

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