Marleen Hoenink

Marleen’s interest in law led her to work in the legal profession, where her desire to assist the creatives, start-ups and underdogs of the commercial world made her opt to join Fruytier Lawyers in Business.

Marleen’s special interest in intellectual property law stems from the fact that this field of law is in full development and that IP cases leave plenty of room for creative interpretations and arguments. As a source of inspiration, she not only digs deeply into the underlying purpose of relevant laws and regulations, but also likes to focus on surrounding disciplines such as those of marketing, psychology and linguistics. Marleen manages to bring all this together in clear arguments that she supports with examples and analogies that appeal to the imagination.

In 2019, Marleen graduated with distinction with a master’s degree in Civil Law from Leiden University. During and after her studies, she gained practical experience as a paralegal at a leading IP boutique firm and a large international law firm, and as an intern in the IP department of a multinational sports and leisure wear company.

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IT and ICT law & Intellectual property
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