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Romy de Booij

Romy de Booij started working at Fruytier Lawyers in Business in 2020. After she finished her education as management assistant, she started working as customer service assistant, until a nice position at a law firm came along. She did not miss out on this opportunity and has worked there with great pleasure for two years.

Still, Romy was very curious about other types of businesses and she ended up at an accountancy firm. She soon found out that the legal profession was more up her street. This is how she ended up at Fruytier and this was a bull’s-eye. I go to work with a lot of pleasure. The variety, the conviviality and the hard work make the work very enjoyable.

As a legal assistant Romy makes sure that the lawyers can do their work without problems, that everything runs smoothly at the office and that clients feel welcome at Fruytier.

Furthermore, Romy can often be found at the gym, she enjoys cooking and loves having fun with friends and family.

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