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Education agreement

You draw up a training agreement when you would like an employee to undergo training. As an employer, you know which training makes sense and whether your business can prosper with the extra knowledge. Would your employee also like to take a training course? You can reimburse the training costs untaxed and you will draw up a training agreement.

What does the training agreement say?

In the training agreement, you include what the purpose of the training is. It is important that you expect growth. Along with the training institute, the period of training and the total study costs, you include who will pay for the training. It is also important to agree whether the employee will take the training during or after working hours. Draw up the training agreement to pay the study costs untaxed. In addition, another requirement for untaxed expenses is that the training is achieved. Ask our lawyers to draft a complete and correct study agreement.

Study costs clause

The study costs clause is probably the most important for you as an employer. In it, you include an arrangement that you use in case the employment contract is terminated. If an employee is undergoing training, you agree on how long you want to benefit from his or her knowledge and skills. So agree on the minimum time the employee ‘should’ continue working with you. Is the agreement nevertheless terminated earlier than agreed? Then the employee will have to pay back (part of) the training costs. The exact amount and the period over which this will be spread can be agreed in the study costs clause. Of course, this must be agreed reasonably; this way, there is a sliding scale. The repayment obligation decreases proportionally during the set period. Such a study expenses clause can be quite tricky and, in case the clause is not completely delineated, it can be risky for the employer. You would therefore be wise to seek advice from a lawyer so that you can always refer to the training agreement with certainty.

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