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Shipping & Nautical Industry

Our specialists have developed a track record in the water sports industry as well. Whether it involves the construction, repair, or renovations of yachts; a solid agreement can prevent a lot of problems. A water sports lawyer ensures that a solid agreement is in place. We don’t only work for yacht builders, but also for entrepreneurs in the large (inland) shipping and sailing yacht charter industry. Therefore we can call ourselves real water sports lawyers

Shipping industry

Your valuable cargo is waiting to be unloaded in the Rotterdam harbor. The cargo was seized, so you are not able to do anything with it; totally unfounded according to you. Every day that this goes on you lose more revenue. What should you do? How fast can you submit a request with the judge to lift the attachment? And who will pay the damages caused by this seizure? But the roles can be reversed as well. If you have a claim on a foreign party you can chain its ship to press your claims.

Risks in the shipping industry

It is no small feat to run a successful business in the shipping industry. Often you are dealing with international law, with legal systems of countries you are unfamiliar with. Which law applies? There are a lot of risks involved in the worldwide trade conducted via the water. Because of this, the shipping industry is an interesting sector for entrepreneurs.

Shipping industry financing

Despite its location (Amsterdam), Fruytier Lawyers in Business has an “actions speak louder than words” mentality that fits shipping industry entrepreneurs. International contracts, shipping industry finance, seizures, cargo disputes, and other legal questions are answered and solved in an expeditious manner. So that you can focus on your business.

Nautical events

The Netherlands has a rich tradition when it comes to nautical events. Fruytier Lawyers in Business advises and conducts legal proceedings for the organizers of such events.
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