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Rental agreement

Rent is the contract whereby one party, the landlord, undertakes to make available to the other party, the tenant, property or part thereof for use and the tenant undertakes to provide consideration, usually consisting of payment of rent. The lease is a so-called perpetual contract, meaning that the lease is entered into for a definite period or indefinitely. However, there are different types of tenancy that lease law distinguishes. Fruytier’s lawyers have all the knowledge regarding lease law.

Lease with general provisions

The landlord must provide the (quiet) pleasure of renting, in return for which the tenant owes the agreed rent. The agreements between the parties are usually set out in a rental agreement. A standard lease is often used for this purpose, which includes the ‘general provisions’. The rental agreement is one of the named contracts of Book 7 of the Civil Code (BW).

Frequently used standard leases are those of the Real Estate Council. The so-called ROZ contracts cover residential space, retail space as well as office space. If provisions from these standard models do not correspond with what the parties actually want to agree, the parties would do well to include separate contractual provisions in the lease.

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