Noël Ellens

Noël Ellens (of counsel) has been practising as a lawyer with Fruytier Lawyers in Business since 1988, except for a 5 year break. He advised on many areas in his extensive career.

His initial background concentrated mainly on criminal law but with time his focus shifted towards corporate law. He has a thorough background in handling board of director’s liability disputes as well as a solid expertise in the area of employment law, conducting negotiations in cases of restructuring and redundancy.

More recently he has been establishing a strong reputation in regulatory law, more specifically in environmental law. He confidently covers all aspects of this fast growing field of practice.
An area of law which every entrepreneur will have to incorporate at one point in his daily business: think about construction and monument licenses, development concessions, loss caused by communal plan development and all other aspects of environmental regulation.

Noël in detail

Real Estate law & Administrative Law
Direct phone number:
+31(0) 613 075 912
Lawyer since:
Language skills:
Dutch, English, French and German
In 1984 afgestudeerd aan de RUG (Rijksuniversiteit te Groningen) hoofdrichtingen privaatrecht en sociaal-economisch recht. Noël heeft in 2007 een masteropleiding omgevingsrecht aan de UVA gevolgd.
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