Koen Boonekamp

Koen finished his masters “Onderneming en Recht” at the University of Utrecht. During his study he attended Queen’s University in Belfast for a good period of 4 months. His passion for Corporate Law originates here. Koen graduated in June of 2019.

Whilst studying Koen worked at a Trust office and straight after finishing his masters he had a short internship at a large law firm.
Koen started his career at Fruytier lawyers in Business as an intern and is now working as a full time paralegal.

Koen feels that working at a small firm is very versatile. Not one day is the same. Koen is adamant in sorting things out to be sure his advice is the best for his client. A very good -if not indispensable- quality for a lawyer.

Koen is interested in a wide variety of topics. He is a fan of Crossfit and frequently helps out at a homeless shelter.

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